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Keeping Patients Safe in Edmond and Oklahoma City Metro

Bright Smile Family Dentistry values our patients’ health and safety while safeguarding our dental staff’s well-being. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how businesses, public places, and even households carry out their daily activities, and our dental office is no exception. We have a COVID policy in place to minimize your risk and protect everyone else in our office during your appointments.

Details About Our COVID Policy

Regular dental care is essential to keep your teeth beautiful and your oral health optimal. We address a wide array of dental needs and issues with compassion for patients and gentle, professional care. As a responsible dental office, Bright Smile Family Dentistry wants to ensure our patients stay as safe as possible during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our COVID policy includes measures we take to keep our office clean and reduce the chance of spreading the virus to our patients, staff, and visitors. We also ask patients to take precautions before, during, and after their appointments. Some precautions may be mandatory by state or local law, and we consider all our measures necessary to keep you healthy. Please read through our details about what to expect when you have an appointment at our office:

Before Your Appointment

We may call you before you visit us to ask some questions about your health and vaccination status. When you come in for your appointment, our staff may ask some of these questions again to ensure you're healthy. We also want to limit the number of people at our office, so we may ask you to leave your children at home or only allow an adult child to stay at the office while you receive treatment.

During Your Appointment

Be sure you wear a mask to our office if state or local government requires them in public places. We may request you wait outside our office before your appointment to limit how many people are inside. Our staff may take your temperature when you enter. We wipe down surfaces regularly to keep our office clean and have hand sanitizer available for you to use.

After Your Appointment

Our staff thoroughly cleans areas after your appointment to ensure the next patient has a sterile environment during their visit. We use disinfectants proven effective against the COVID-19 virus to reduce the chance of illness passing to others. Please get in touch with us if you notice COVID-19 symptoms within two days of your appointment. You might’ve been sick before visiting us, and your illness could have passed on to someone else at our office.

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