Professional Teeth Whitening and Bleaching Services in OKC

Professionally Whitening Teeth in Oklahoma City

General Teeth Whitening Procedure

You can get the radiant smile you always wanted with Bright Smile Family Dentistry’s durable, long-lasting teeth whitening procedure. It’s one of the most transformative services we offer. Bright Smile Family Dentistry has the best teeth-whitening dentist in Oklahoma City, so if you are tired of dull, yellow or stained teeth, we can help. Some of the benefits of whitening include:
  • Improved self-esteem and decrease embarrassment from smiling
  • Easy to maintain once you have achieved an adequate shade
  • Job opportunities and people’s perceptions of you may suddenly improve
  • A professional whitening is durable and long-lasting
The entire procedure takes about an hour to an hour and a half. First, we document your teeth’s current shade. Then, we polish them with pumice to remove plaque. To protect your gums from damage by the whitening solution, we’ll use a special gel or rubber barrier. Then, we apply the bleach to the front of your teeth. We keep that on your teeth until an optimum shade is reached — repeated procedures may be needed.

 DIY Teeth Whitening vs Professional

Over the counter, DIY teeth whitening kits are much cheaper, but riskier. They don’t give you the reliability and safety of professional teeth whitening services. Our staff customizes the procedure to your teeth. We’ll note any crowns and fillings, so you’ll have a natural looking brighter shade. The bleaching solutions we use are stronger — and faster — than over-the-counter products. We provide protection for your gums during the procedure that you can’t get at home.

How Long Does Bleaching Your Teeth Last?

After your teeth bleaching procedure, the results can last two to three years if you maintain regular teeth cleaning and proper oral care. You will need to be aware of any teeth staining activities like smoking, or drinking coffee or red wine, that can lessen the effect.

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