Restore Your Smile In As Little As One Day - Right Here in Edmond

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Dental crowns are still one of the most common dental procedures performed for a reason. You can get a crown in a variety of materials, and you can choose from installing either a temporary or a permanent piece. Bright Smile Family Dentistry offers the absolute best in comprehensive dental care, including restorative treatments such as bridges and crowns, cosmetic dentistry, and even offers around-the-clock emergency services.
Treating dental decay as soon as possible can substantially minimize its damage. Plenty of patients in Edmond put off getting treatment for tooth decay because of the cost and stress a dentist’s appointment can entail, but we can perform restoration on your smile with CEREC® crowns in a single visit.

The Benefits of Same-Day Service at Bright Smile

Since we offer fixed porcelain dental crowns for same-day installation, you can skip the process of scheduling an initial appointment, waiting weeks for the crown to arrive and visiting the dentist again. We streamline the process and make it so you can go home with a restored tooth.

There are even more benefits, including:

  • The crown will look completely natural in your mouth.
  • Your appointment could take as little as two hours.
  • You don’t have to deal with temporary fittings.
There are plenty of other benefits that patients with CEREC® dental crowns enjoy. If you’re tight on time and need dental care quickly, we can help you.

If you are ready to restore your smile with dental crowns, contact us today.